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BSR Tape --- Buzz, Squeak and Rattle


From our humble beginnings with one small die cutting press, Solo Products has grown to be a leader in BSR tape and felt cutting. Parts made by Solo are found in most US-made automotive platforms. We now have press sizes up to 40-tons!


TSL3607G, Package Tray Trim Cover Material

This specification covers the test methods and criteria of cover materials to be used for a package tray of an automobile. It also covers Class 1 constructed non-woven cloth of polyester, etc. and Class 2 constructed of woven cloth of polyester, etc.


TSM1500G, Rubber Material & Rubber Shapes

This standand covers the classification method based on the properties of rubber materials used for automobiles except ebonite rubbers and sponge rubbers.


TSK6712G, Sealing Foams For Interior Trim

This sealing foam mainly is used to seal interior duct-related parts for automobiles. This foam is available in five classes from low-density, soft to high-density, semi-rigid.  The adhesive layer bonding performance are separate from the foam general properties. This product is made ether urethane.


TSL3505G, Silencer Pad Material

Solo Products covers silencer pad materials to be used as sound absorbing materials and heat insulator for automobile lining and carpet linings.


Die-Cutting Services

Solo Products Company has IN STOCK many types of materials for Automotive-Grade die-cut gasket and foam/felt/flocking materials.



ASTM-D-4727, V2S – Fiberboard,Type SF, Grade V2S Military Spec.


Permacel EPT Foam

EE-1010, Permacel EPT Foam with Acrylic Adhesive

Permacel EE-1010 and EE-1000 is a compressible closed-cell EPT (ethylene-propylene terpolymer) sealing material.  It consists of an EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene-methylene)


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